Some months ago I got the honor to photograph Sylvie and David Wedding at the beach in Marbella, while second shooting for Isis, a talented photographer that now I can call my friend.

This sweet couple didn’t choose Marbella randomly, but there’s a very romantic story behind this decision.

Three years ago David’s uncle and Sylvia’s father, who are good friends, set up a blind date between the two. Sylvie just came out of another relation and she absolutely wasn’t interested at all. Neither Sylvie nor David thought much of it at first, but when David saw her for the first time, he thought “oh my God! I’m never going to manage to get this amazingly beautiful woman!”. The date went well, David somehow managed to make a very good first impression and they started to built up a friendship. After three months of getting to know each another, they fell in love. They both love the sea so they booked their fist vacation in the sunny and picturesque Costa del Sol. Guess where? In Marbella of course!

The ceremony took place in Siroko, a glamorous restaurant on the beach, whose terrace overlooking the sea offered us the most breathtaking sunset. After dinner they had their first dance bare foot on the sand, it was so romantic! Now I’ll let the photos speak.

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